viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

...Punta del Este2012...

At Tres Cruces terminal waiting for the bus to Punta.

I must say the weather was not the perfect in Punta del Este but it was good to take a walk with out the sun over me cooking my skin,
it felt great not have  any hurts or burned pain in my pale skin, really don´t like tan, so i couldn´t ask for much more.
I spent the day visited the different beaches: Playa Mansa in the Rio de la Plata side, and Playa Los Ingleses, Playa El Emir, Playa Brava in Atlantic Ocean side, all beautiful.

Work of art made with sand.

Puerto de Punta del Este.

Playa La Brava.

On my way to the beach.

There is a cruise on the horizon.

Punta del Este is an exclusive summer location where is common see celebrities from Argentina, Uruguay, United State, european ones and more.

And for an exclusive location here are the exclusive brands stores :

And with this post concludes my getaway to Uruguay, you have no idea how fabulous it was and I missed a few places to know so maybe the next time I will available to make it =).

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  1. me encantan las fotos! algun dia visitare uruguay!!

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  3. Still looks like an amazing trip! Hope you had lots of fun!!

    Kisses Anne

  4. Lovely photos and very nice post! Your blog is so inspiring, would you like to follow each other?
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