lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

...Isabel Marant sneakers: a MUST HAVE...

Isabel Marant  Blue Tongue Sneaker

Isabel Marant Navy Beige Sneaker

Isabel Marant Wine Red Black Sneaker

Isabel Marant Yellow Tongue Sneaker

Isabel Marant sneakers  is getting into this celebs closet and apparently no one wants to miss the opportunity to wear it regardless of the ocassion.

Alicia Keys 

Kate Bosworth

 Miranda Kerr

 Rashida Jones

 Alessandra Ambrosio

 Anne Hathaway


 Dakota Fanning

Ginnifer Goodwin

 Julianne Moore

 Petra Ecclestone

Let me know what look do you like?

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

...happy Easter...

A relaxing outfit to spend the Easter in family.

Jeans: Riffle
Lace shirt: Zara
Nail polish: Maybelline New york

sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

...same but different...

Almost same outfits if it weren´t for the choice of shoe, which is better: black heels or neutral wedges?

Have a nice weekend!!!

viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

...JUST ME...

Two weekends ago I was invited to the birthday of the brother of my friend and although I was not feeling well I decided to go, I dont like reject an invitation to a party.

The outfit  was a simple and comfy with something mine like the sequin black skirt and the wedges and something borrowed like the grey shirt and the shoulder bag.

The best part: I didn´t notice the flu so I don´t regret, was a lovely and fun night with friends.

...I´m sorry...

I should say you a big I'M SO SORRY!!!

A few weeks ago, to be exact a few saturdays ago, my personal computer died from one moment to other, did not turn on again and the result was a great loss of materials, photos, videos, folders, informations, my disappeareance and so much more, so from now I have to start from zero with the blog and learn to deal with the lost time. Step one: I already bought a new computer because the other one didn´t have solution but it took me a while since my first purchase was an iPad (which I returned it in three days, I really wanted it, but it seems its advanced technology was not for me).

Clearly the word patience wiil be present in my vocabulary since several obstacles were presented and still many to come. Now I have this one, a basic one (a netbook) and I´m working to do my better in this new phase.