viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013


 O M F G !!!!! I can´t look at these pics without feeling the huge desire of be there, amazing views, beautiful cities to know about, different cultures, so blue... so sunny... so PARADISE...


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:



Bora Bora:

French Riviera:


May I´m not been there before (hopefully  one day) but early this year I went on vacation with my girls to spend a week of relax, away the routine, work, families, with the only conditions: enjoy the sea, get a tan (not me, you will see - I had the prohibition of the dermatologist to not spend too much time at the sun, and not to mention the use and abuse of sunscreen factor 60 for all day, skin problem-, thats the reason i´m so WHITE) and have fun. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
The pics are from last February:

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